Maybe you’re ready to downsize, and transitioning to an apartment doesn’t feel right to you.

Or perhaps you are ready to move from an apartment into your first home.

In either case, moving into a quality manufactured home in a safe, friendly neighborhood could be just right for you. Here’s why.

Here are 5 common myths from RoseLake Estates you should know about buying a manufactured home:

  1. Manufactured homes are for low-income families.

There’s a world of difference between an old trailer park and a permanent, durable and beautiful – sometimes, even upscale, manufactured home neighborhood.

RoseLake Estates in Pendleton is a great example of that. Our neighborhood is safe and quiet, there are lots of treed lots, the homes are kept up nicely, and the yards are well maintained.

  1. Manufactured homes are hard to finance.

Financing a manufactured home today is much simpler than it once was. There are lenders and banks that specialize in manufactured home loans, and some provide financing options similar to those for stick-built homes.

When properly financed, manufactured housing allows homeowners to build equity just as traditional site-built homes. 

  1. Manufactured homes building codes are less stringent than state or local building codes.

Under HUD, all manufactured homes are built and installed according to the federal building code. Codes are strict and building processes closely supervised. Manufactured homes are built to very high standards, very comparable to those for stick-built homes.

  1. Manufactured homes are at risk for fire and wind hazards.

A recent study issued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) confirms that a manufactured home built to HUD standards have similar fire-resistance and better wind and storm-resistance characteristics than those of other site-built residences.

  1. There is no inspection system for manufactured homes.

Not only does HUD regulate the design, construction, quality, transportability, durability, fire resistance, and energy efficiency of manufactured homes; it also monitors compliance with federal building codes.

The takeaway? Don’t rule out manufactured housing based solely on what you think you know.

Instead, do some research of your own and visit a reputable manufactured home community like RoseLake Estates. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our homes’ affordabilitiy, curb appeal, interior design, and roominess.

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