Unknown January means spending more time indoors with family and friends. Which also means it’s the season for spreading colds and flu, not getting outside and exercising as much, and slipping on icy front steps and snow-packed walkways.

What to do to protect oneself? Here are some tips from the management at Rose Lake Estates on how to say healthier and a little safer this month:

  1. Keep moving. It may be cold and icy outside but physical movement boosts blood circulation and increases body heat, which helps keep your body healthy. If you elect to stay indoors, put on that aerobics or yoga DVD!
  2. Ice is not nice! Clear your steps and front walkway. You’ll keep yourself, family and friends safer by not walking on packed down snow and slush, which eventually becomes ice.
  3. Wash hands frequently. Soap and water is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Avoid anti-bacterial sanitizers – they kill good bacteria as well as bad, and get into our waterways and harm the environment.
  4. Be a good neighbor. Have an older neighbor living next door? Check on him or her. Is mail piling up? Stop by and knock on their door. You could be the most important visitor they have if they are too ill to get groceries or have fallen and need help.
  5. Lighten up on carbs and sugar. Excess carbohydrates like those in bagels and breads promote belly fat. Eat more complex carbohydrates like green and yellow vegetables, salads and healthy dips like hummus and vegies.
  6. Watch for ice on our curvy roads. Take it easy coming into and exiting our neighborhood. Watch for kids on sleds and joggers.
  7. Don’t short-change your sleep. Sleep is vital for repairing your body’s damaged tissues, and fighting germs and stress. Getting 8 hours each night also reduces lethargy and sluggishness.

Here’s to a healthy, happy and safe new year from your friends and neighbors at Rose Lake Estates!