Gourmet kitchenYes! All manufactured homes built after 1994 must adhere to federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) laws pertaining to energy efficiency. Rose Lake Estates management makes sure these values are adhered to within our community of homes.

What are HUD energy efficiency guidelines? In essence, HUD divided the country into three regions called “performance zones.” Manufactured homes produced for each region have to meet the performance expectations for that region.

Indiana is a part of Zone II (including states from North Carolina west, across the country through California). These energy efficiency standards require that manufactured homes comply with one of the following options:

  • Homes must be designed with overall thermal efficiency to account for heat loss through the insulted surfaces of the thermal envelope (these are known in manufactured homes as “Uo values”). Each zone has a different Uo value depending on weather conditions within that zone.
  • Uo values are ascertained through credits for high efficiency heating and cooling equipment. New innovative technologies for energy efficiency can also contribute to raising a Uo value.
  • Zone II, including Indiana, requires a Uo code rating of 0.096.

What does this rating mean for you? It means you can depend on your Rose Lake Estates manufactured home to be not only be energy efficient, but affordable to operate through hot Indiana summers and cold Indiana winters. It means you can live comfortably and contentedly in your manufactured home for the life of your home. And that sounds pretty comfy to us!