8581 West Rosebud DriveOne of the more startling lessons of childhood is that “bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.” From the size of your birthday gift to the heaps of food on your plate, it’s an education we receive early that stays with us.

That’s especially true when it comes to choosing a place in which to live. You want a community that isn’t too big to offer friendly accommodation.  You want the nearby convenience of shopping and medical facilities, and quick access to nearby towns and cities. You want a neighborhood that’s safe and well cared for, filled with folks like you that you can trust.

You want a bit of privacy – but not too much yard care. You want an affordable manufactured home that fits your family’s needs and accommodates your furniture, without having a huge space that demands constant upkeep.

Rose Lakes Estate Homes fits the bill in all those regards. With just 195 lots in our neighborhood, we aren’t too big, and we aren’t too small.  It’s very close to I-69 so you can hop on the interstate and head south to Indy or east or west to nearby venues for entertainment, dining and shopping. We’re near enough to Noblesville, Fishers, Westfield, Indy, Anderson and Carmel for convenience, but without the hassle, noise, or the high taxes.

And, with a neighborhood crime watch and our own patrol, our homes and streets are safe and secure.

Turns out Goldilocks had it right.  Not too big and not too small. For just the right size neighborhood and just the right size home, you’ve come to the right place. Rose Lake Estate Homes.