Gourmet kitchenA manufactured home can be a good option for those who want to own a home and are budget-conscious. This is especially true for first-time homebuyers and seniors living on a fixed income. With an array of homes in highly affordable price ranges, Rose Lake Estates is a great deal for many single and family homeowners.

One question we often get is, “Who owns the land around my manufactured home?”

Good question. At Rose Lake Estates, you purchase the house and lease the land (much like owning a condo).

How does that effect financing? Generally, you pay a slightly higher interest rate, but pay your mortgage off in 10-15 years, rather than the usual 30. That means you build equity faster. FHA-insured and Department of Veterans Affairs-guaranteed loans (called FHA and VA) are available to many manufactured home buyers. These loans may offer lower interest rates and/or lower down payment requirements.

Another plus:  You don’t pay real estate taxes at Rose Lake Estates, because we do that for you. You do pay personal property taxes, but they are very small. So when it comes to paying your taxes, you can usually deduct your mortgage interest from your federal taxes and your lot fee from your state taxes. That’s a wonderful way to save tax dollars!

There are few manufactured housing communities that are as economical, well-maintained and safe — as well as being family-owned (not corporate-owned)– as Rose Lake Estates. Rose Lake Estates is a good, safe and economical place to call home.