Buyer Testimonials from Carefree Homes Communities

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“After a year and a half at Carefree Homes, I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to your management and staff. They have done an outstanding job in addressing my needs in a prompt, courteous, and professional manner. The whole experience with Carefree Homes has been very favorable. Because of this, I would, without hesitation, recommend a Carefree home to anyone. Once again, my thanks for caring so much.” — Anne Wilson at Carefree Homes

“I want to personally thank you for the extra effort made toward my need for financing my manufactured home. You went above and beyond in helping me and my wife. We were previously turned down by two other home lenders who would not take time to let us explain our situation. I highly praise you and will refer you to my friends.” — David Bennett at Carefree Homes

“Budd and I would like to thank Carefree Homes for the very professional way in which every detail of our home purchase was handled. You made the purchase of our new home so easy. When we hear the horror stories of other home owners, we are thankful that we chose Carefree. Anytime we can put in a good word for Carefree we do.”— Evelyn Stapley at Carefree Homes