CIMG0891 (2)The feathered residents of Rose Lake Estates are very popular! Many residents look out for our growing duck flock and frequently feed them.

Did you know that our original duck family was hand-raised by Rose Lake management several years ago? Although our Mallards are classified as wild fowl and native to Indiana, these ducks are used to living among humans, and many will come very close to be fed.

Here are a few tips on how to feed the Rose Lake ducks for their optimal health:

  • Avoid feeding wild ducks bread. Bread is high in carbohydrates and can clog up their arteries, which is bad for the duck’s health.
  • Ducks can eat lots of healthy things like greens such as leaf spinach and celery, shredded carrots, split peas, or brown rice. Chop up any food given to the wild ducks to make it easy for them to eat. They will digest the food more easily if it is in small pieces.
  • You can also feed ducks wild bird seed, wheat grain, oatmeal, insects, or worms.
  • Toss the food into the water rather than on the ground. This is more sanitary for the wild ducks, as well as better for their digestive system. With each piece of food they eat they will swallow some water.

As an Indiana-based, family-run home property for 30 years, Rose Lake Estates is a great place to call home, including home for our thriving Mallard family!