Tired of sky-high heating bills? Today’s manufactured homes are extraordinarily well constructed to keep out cold Indiana air.

In fact, due to the Manufactured Housing Association’s strict regulations over the past twenty years, “manufactured homes have about 30 to 50 percent less air leakage than stick-built homes,” according to a recent study by The Michigan Manufactured Housing Association.

Here’s why:

  • The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets efficiency standards for manufactured home construction differentiated by thermal categories in different regions of the country.
  • These standards are enforced by inspections conducted in manufactured home production facilities by third party inspectors under HUD.
  • These materials along with tight building codes, are reducing overall energy costs for homeowners, and use fewer natural resources, too.

In addition to strict HUD and state codes, many RoseLake Estates homeowners have added additional manufactured home energy efficient features like:

  • High-performance insulation
  • Thermal-pane windows
  • Thermal-pane sliding doors
  • Energy-efficient under-skirting.

That makes these RoseLake Estates manufactured homes a good  initial investment for lower mortgage payments – as well as a good long-term investment – keeping up their value and kind to budget conscious Hoosier homeowners – especially during cold Indiana winters.

At RoseLake Estates, we have updated, energy efficient homes available to fit your needs right now. Come visit us – just minutes from Indy, north on I69, exit 214.



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Cozy is lovely. And cool. We’re talking about the trend in downsizing homes. Baby Boomers as well as Millennials are embracing the concept. It makes perfect, practical sense.

Living on a smaller scale has many perks, such as:

  • Conserving energy and leaving a smaller carbon footprint. You will be more energy-efficient.
  • Smaller square footage homes mean lower electric and gas bills
  • You’ll spend less on furnishings
  • You’ll spend less on maintenance and upkeep
  • Your home will cost less to buylower mortgage payments, too
  • Your home will be easier and quicker to clean
  • Your home will also be easier and less expensive to update, when it comes to painting, adding new flooring or remodeling
  • Smaller square footage means you tend to be more organized, as it’s more important to have a place for everything.

Even better, RoseLake Estate homes don’t feel small. Our manufactured homes are open concept with large windows and updated features. They feel larger than they measure.

RoseLake Estate manufactured homes are available at just under 900 square foot models to those as large as 1800 square feet. A great fit for any size family.

In fact, there are several updated models available in our quiet community right now. Come check them out at cozy, energy-efficient, lovely RoseLake Estates!

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Feeding the birds over the winter – and watching them at backyard feeders and around our lake — is a favorite hobby of many of our RoseLake Estates residents.

With that in mind, local birders want to remind Hoosiers that right now, wild birds’ natural food supply is at its lowest point of the year.

The insect populations they love have obviously not yet appeared and the few remaining wild fruits, berries, seeds, and nuts they depend on are largely gone.

Unfortunately, right now is also the time those of us that feed the birds tend to neglect our feeders – especially when it’s fiercely cold or too slippery to safely head out and restock them.

What you can do for our fine-feathered friends this month?

Provide foods loaded with fat and calories to help fill the gap between winter and spring. The best high calorie bird foods for providing energy are:

  • black oil sunflower seeds
  • striped sunflower seeds
  • safflower seeds
  • suet in a feeder or peanutbutter smeared on a tree
  • mealworms

All of these foods are MUCH better for birds than bread crumbs! Of course, larger wild birds like our ducks also need food this time of year. They especially love feed corn.

So, feed and enjoy our glorious bird population – knowing you are making a difference. The winged residents of RoseLake Estates thank you!

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Here’s what RoseLake Estates pet owners can do to keep our cats and dogs safe and healthy in this colder-than-average month:

  • Keep on eye on smaller pets when they are outside, especially at dusk. Coyotes and foxes have a harder time finding food in the snow and often come closer to homes in search of easier prey.
  • Dogs should not be left outside on chains, especially when the temperatures are below normal.
  • Dogs and cats need extra food to stay warm during the winter, and should be fed twice as much when the weather is very cold. A high-calorie canned food helps provide extra energy.
  • Pets cannot get enough water from snow or ice, and must have liquid water to drink.
  • Keep walks short. Fur around dog paws can freeze into painful ice balls. Trim the fur around your dog’s paws and take shorter walks. You can also spray your dog’s paws with non-stick pan spray before walks.
  • Although pet-friendly de-icers are available, most salt and de-icers can be toxic to dogs and cats. Keep your pet away from roads and sidewalks that have been heavily treated.
  • While outdoors, do not let your dog eat slush or drink from puddles near heavily treated roads and sidewalks.

If you see a dog outside for extended periods of time, take action. Be a kind soul and call FIDO Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside, a non-profit animal welfare organization 317-221-1314. FIDO can help the dog as well as the dog owner with options including shelter and dog food, if needed.

More cold weather care tips for dogs can be found on the FIDO website at: http://www.fidoindy.org/news/coldweathercaretipsfordogs.

To all our RoseLake Estate residents, from pets to humans — Stay warm and safe!



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One of the smartest ways to use a tax refund is as a down payment on a new place to live.

Here’s why it’s smart for 2018:

  • If you buy an item with your rebate (like a car or a TV), you pay Indiana state tax. But if you use your rebate as a down payment on a mortgage, it may be totally tax-free.
  • Your tax refund is actually last year’s income. Putting it towards this year’s purchase puts you in the black, not the red!
  • Add to the money you’ve already saved. The more money you put down, the lower your amount to finance — and the less interest you’ll pay over the life of your mortgage.
  • Lock in lower interest rates by buying now. They are projected to rise this spring.

Why live at RoseLake Estates?

  • We have several single family-sized mobile homes available.
  • Homes are squeaky clean, with many upgrades and amenities.
  • You’re buying into a safe, established neighborhood.
  • We have security cameras thoughout our neighborhood. We also have a courtesy security officer living on premises.
  • RoseLake has been family owned and operated since day one. We are not a huge corporation. Your happiness and wellbeing are important to us.

New year, new home!

To see what RoseLake Estate manufactured homes are available now, click HERE.

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When you are scouting new neighborhoods to move into, knowing your entire family is welcome is important. So is knowing that the neighborhood you are moving into is safe and well established.

RoseLake Estates is family-owned and family-oriented and has been for well over 35 years. We welcome you and your family — including most furry, four-footed family members – to our manufactured home neighborhood.

We’re pretty accommodating. Check with our office about RoseLake Estate pet guidelines, which include having your dog up to date on vaccinations, kept on a leash, and no excessive barking or bad behavior.

Have two cats? As long as they are kept inside, have their vaccinations up to date, and don’t roam free, we’re happy to have them.

We also know that moving into a new neighborhood can be stressful on everyone, pets included. Here are some tips:

RoseLake Estate moving tips for family pets:

  • Moving day is a high-risk time for your pet to get scared, disoriented and run away. Make sure your dog or cat is safe and secure at all times during unpacking and moving in.
  • Update your pet ID tags with your cell phone information.
  • If you use a tracking service or microchip ID, be sure the service knows where to reach you by updating your records before your move.
  • If you’re going to need to change vets, let the staff at the old vet know and provide your new address in case anyone calls the hospital because of a rabies tag on a found pet. (Rabies tags usually have the vet’s phone number on them.)
  • Let your new neighbors know you have a cat or dog when you introduce yourself and your family. This way, if your pet gets out and lost, your neighbors can help him reconnect to his new home.
  • Re-establish a routine as soon as possible.Pick a time and a place for feeding, and stick to it for all pets.

At RoseLake Estates, we welcome families and their well-behaved pets. We’re happy to show you the new, roomy and updated pre-owned manufactured homes now available for you and your family.

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RoseLake Estates manufactured home neighborhood has a lot going for it.

First off, we’re easy to find, right off I-69 at exit 210 – just 10 or so minutes north of Fishers. Our mailing address is Noblesville, Hamilton County’s seat, a great town with a lot of charm. Our community is located in the Pendleton school district, and part of Pendleton’s laid back, yet up-and-coming community.

RoseLake Estates is also a peaceful, affordable place to call home. You can absolutely afford to live here – and enjoy it!

We are truly a stone’s throw from Fishers, Carmel, Fortville, and McCordsville, and about 15 minutes south of Anderson.

It’s a marvelously easy place to live – far enough away from high taxes, traffic, noise, and crime, and just close enough to whatever you want to do. For instance:

  • If you are enjoy the outdoors, it’s hard to beat Falls Park for a biking, golfing, walking or exploring destination.
  • If you enjoy antiquing, there are at least 8 places within a 15 minute drive where you can uncover furniture finds and interesting knick knacks to add to your collection.
  • Love wineries and breweries? Pendleton has quite a few trendy places to quaff new and interesting ales and wines of distinction.
  • Like the arts scene? Pendleton has several galleries and a very active arts community.
  • Foodie? In the past three or four years, the number of new restaurants in and around Pendleton has blossomed, many of them one-of-a-kind destination places.

Consider joining our RoseLake Estates Pendleton neighborhood. Come check out the quiet, established, safe and peaceful community of RoseLake Estates.





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How is your present housing situation? If you are like many other renters in central Indiana, you may be experiencing:

  • Paying more in rent than you should
  • Having to ask repeatedly and wait extended periods of time for repairs
  • Noisy neighbors
  • Crime and unsafe conditions
  • Rundown property, graffiti and trash
  • Poor neighborhood schools

Whether you are renting a double, a trailer, an apartment, or a single family house, nothing is more important than living comfortably and economically in a neighborhood in which you feel safe.

If your home doesn’t feel like home to you, make 2018 the year to start living a less stressful life with a Carefree Home at RoseLake Estates in Pendleton.

We have manufactured homes for sale at RoseLake Estates at prices that will surprise you. We have new and pre-owned quality manufactured homes, and lots you may purchase for a home you already own.

Pendleton’s RoseLake Estates manufactured homes offer much more than any manufactured home neighborhood in Indianapolis, with:

  • Lower home prices
  • Lower maintenance
  • Lower energy bills
  • Lower taxes
  • Safer neighborhoods
  • Better schools.

At RoseLake Estates, we really do have a lot going for us – and you! Great end-of-the-year deals now available. Come talk to RoseLakes Estates here in Pendleton, just 20 minutes northeast of Indianapolis.

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If you are a RoseLake Estates resident, you already know what a great place our friendly neighborhood is to live.

RoseLake is easy to access (just a half block off I-69), with plenty of mature trees and a lovely stocked pond. Buying a manufactured home here is also very affordable, from cost of living to taxes.

And when it comes to holiday shopping, RoseLake residents also enjoy a fantastic variety of one-of-a-kind Pendleton boutiques, galleries, shops, and trendy restaurants and breweries.

That makes for some pretty terrific celebrating! Here are a few of our favorites all just a few miles driving distance from RoseLake Estates:

  • The Rusty Hinge Boutique                      765-713-8791

114 W. State Street

  • Evey’s Home & Garden Center               765-221-9028

118 W. State Street

  • B’Dazzled Boutique                                 765-620-3939

108 W. State Street

  • Burmeister’s Old Towne Antiques           765-778-5464

130 W. State Street

  • The Gypsy Shoe & Funky Junk              116 W. State Street
  • Pottery Hound                                         1 Plaza Drive
  • The Sister Exchange Vintage                 765-778-4800

129 S. Pendleton Ave.

  • Treasures Old & New                                765-778-7857

132 W. State St.

  • Trading Post for Fiber Arts                      765-778-3331              8823 South 50 West
  • 3 Little Monkeys                                             765-778-9370              129 S Pendleton Ave

Happy Holidays from RoseLake Estates family management to all our homeowners and the Pendleton community!

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At RoseLake Estates, we encourage our homeowners and our community to be smart and proactive this holiday season — so you don’t get caught up in any kind of “phishing” net.

Here’s a few tips to stay safe online from the folks at RoseLake Estates manufactured homes:  

·      Shop at familiar online retailers. Sometimes scammers change the name of a familiar retailer name by just one or two letters. Verify before you shop.

·      Beware of making purchases after clicking on a link from a pop-up ad. 

·      Use security software. Make sure firewalls are always active.

·      Generally, sites using the “s” designation in “https” at the start of the URL will be secure sites. Look for the “lock” icon in the browser’s URL bar.

·      Avoid online shopping using unprotected Wi-Fi in public places. Unprotected public Wi-Fi hotspots may allow thieves to view your transactions.

·      Avoid phishing emails that may suggest a password is expiring or an account update is needed. The link you click may take you to a fake website that will steal usernames and passwords or can track your keystrokes. 

·      Use passwords that are strong, long and unique. Avoid using a specific word, especially one that’s easy to figure out, such as your pet’s name. Use a different password for each account.

·      Even though it may be a pain, use multi-factor authentication, such as a security code, usually sent as a text to a mobile phone, in addition to usernames and passwords.

·      When it’s time to get a new computer, phone or tablet, be careful of how you dispose of your old one. Make sure to wipe the hard drive of all information before trashing.

It only takes a few extra steps to protect your information from predators online. Besides spending untold hours on the phone with creditors after you are “hit”, it often takes a full year or more or get back your good name and re-establish credit. 

Shopping online can most certainly make holiday gifting quicker and easier. But it also makes it easier for cybercriminals to shop – for your credit card numbers, financial information, Social Security numbers, and other sensitive data that belongs to you!


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