Tony Hsieh2

As any resident of Rose Lake Estates knows, there are no age or income restrictions involved in enjoying living in a manufactured home community, and a bigger home isn’t always better. To some, in fact, manufactured home life is an excellent fit, allowing for creativity, downsizing, leaving a smaller carbon footprint, and spending time and money on the more important things in life.

To prove that point, many well known celebrities happily talk about living in manufactured homes part time. But Tony Hsieh, CEO of online shoe company Zappos, lives the simple life in a Las Vegas trailer park full time – along with his pet chickens and an alpaca named Marley (the photo above is his actual home).

Despite a reported net worth of some $820 million, Tony Hsieh calls his 240 square foot Airstream trailer home. Reportedly, he likes the small space and likes to keep things simple. Hsieh says, “It allows me to be more creative, in a way, because it helps me concentrate on what’s important.”

According to Las Vegas Weekly, Hsieh’s $48,000 Airstream trailer has quite a few upgrades, especially in his kitchen. He also really likes his neighbors, who, besides his chickens and his alpaca, are all friends and family. Hsieh actually owns the entire East Fremont lot he lives in, which includes 20 other Airstream trailers and 10 tiny houses colleagues and visitors, so this makes perfect sense. Rent in the community is reportedly about $950 a month, low for the Las Vegas area.

He calls the community “Llamalopolis,” which was designed to foster “communal nature and randomness,” inspired by the Burning Man festivals Hsieh frequently attends. A part of his manufactured home community spirit is a bonfire and a movie projected on a huge screen every night. There is also a shared kitchen for dinner with friends and family, and other common areas to encourage interactions.

The residents of Rose Lake Estate will no doubt understand the communal spirit behind Llamalopolis. While we don’t have a community kitchen or wandering chickens and llamas, we do have residents that look out for one another, a lot of community spirit, and friendships between neighbors that have lasted many years.


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