Big QuestionThe average new house today is twice as big as it was 50 years ago, with half as many family members occupying the space!

It’s true. A typical single section manufactured home is about 1,000-1200 square feet in size, which is roughly the size American homes used to be a generation or two ago. Today’s manufactured homes are nearly half as big as average new stick-built homes and sell for a fourth the price!

That’s good news, especially now as labor costs for homes begin to rise again as the economy rebounds. It’s also good news for those families shopping for a new home and reeling from sticker shock.

Most homes suitable for the middle class – and that’s most of us — are priced well beyond the typical housing budget of American families. So, if your family that can downsize into a bit less space, you can balance your house and utility budgets and have plenty of space for your family’s needs.

At Rose Lake Estates, we have some pretty amazing manufactured homes waiting for new owners. They are clean, updated, practical home solutions for those of us on a budget who don’t want or need more rooms to clean or spend all weekend on lawn and landscape maintenance.

Come take a look at what you’ve been missing at Rose Lake Estates, just north of Indy, just east of Pendleton.