Beautiful home on pond with fountainThe ideal time to re-seed a lawn – the entire lawn or just a few bare patches – is right now. Fall (not Spring) is the best time to seed, as days get a little less hot and humid, and temperatures cool down to below 75 degrees. So if your Rose Lake front or backyard could use a little help before winter hits, now’s the time to put in a little elbow grease.

In September right through mid-October, according to Purdue University’s Department of Agronomy, cool season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue and perennial ryegrasses are great seed choices for Indiana lawns.

Once you sow your seeds, add a sprinkling of topsoil or straw to cover, and water liberally – especially in the first 10 days. Watering from 4 am to 8 am is best for seedlings beginning to sprout. Once they sprout, water less frequently, but deeper, keeping soil moist for ideal root growth.

As many Rose Lake Estates homeowners know, this month is also a perfect time to feed your lawn. Mid-to-late September and Mid-November are great times to apply lawn fertilizer. Look for fertilizer high in Nitrogen, to enrich root structure and green up lawns before dormancy.

Look for a high Nitrogen content (Nitrogen or “N” is listed first, then “P,” for phosphate, and lastly “K” for Potassium). 50 to 100% of the N-P-K content should be Nitrogen. However, any Nitrogen content over 30% is fine to apply in the fall.

Rose Lake Estate homeowners are proud of their lawns, their homes and their gardens – and enjoy the chance to keep their community  green, peaceful and thriving!