It’s absolutely true. At RoseLake Estate Homes in Pendleton, Indiana, we have helped many new homeowners get into the home they wanted with a mortgage payment they could afford.

That’s because mobile home financing is a pretty upfront process – and just a little different from obtaining a mortgage for a “stick-built” or traditional home.

We have learned which group of banks and mortgage companies specialize in working with manufactured home mortgages. So we can help direct you to a company that will suit your individual circumstances, even if your credit is a little bruised.

Here’s what you need to know before you obtain a manufactured home mortgage:

  • Build equity faster – You’ll build up equity quickly on a manufactured home because most mortgages are just 8 to 15 years (rather than 20-30 for traditionally built homes).
  • You can deduct your interest – Most homeowners can deduct all the interest they pay on their loan on their federal income tax return.
  • What about the interest on site rent? That’s generally deductible on your state taxes — up to $3,000 per year.

How else can we help?

RoseLake Estates sweetens the pot further for new homeowners by paying your real estate taxes through our community management company. So, as a homeowner, you only pay personal property taxes. We pay the real estate taxes. That’s another great way to save!

At RoseLake Estates, buying a high quality newer manufactured home is a pleasant experience. We work to make buying your manufactured home as affordable and easy as possible.

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