The yards here are the perfect size for our residents. That is, not too large and not too small. Just the right size for privacy, establishing a vegetable or flower garden, and for an outdoor barbeque.

Because we’ve been family-owned and operated for more than 30 years, we have lots and lots of mature trees in our neighborhood. Again, perfect for our residents. Our trees offer a nice wind-screen in the cooler months (save on heating bills!) and a sun screen in the warmer months (natural air-conditioning).

They also offer our residents a gorgeous canvas of color in the fall. With so many sugar maples and oak trees, we’re looking forward to the majestic show of yellows, oranges and reds we usually get. It’s beautiful here at Roselake Estates this time of year!

Of course, when all those leaves come down, it’s also a little work to get them out of the way. Here’s what you can do with all those fall leaves when the show is over:

  • Mow over those leaves with a mulching mower. The small clippings will work themselves right into the soil by spring and provide great soil nourishment.
  • Rake them up and use them for mulch under and around bushes.

Roselake Estates is a Carefree Home Community. Among the nicest, quietest and most affordable manufactured home neighborhoods you’ll find in the northeast Indy area. Start living Carefree today!



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