“First Friday” comes to Pendleton!


Who knew Pendleton was so artsy? The Pendleton Artists Society is hosting their very first “First Friday” event on Friday April 4th (with the very auspicious date of 4-4-14!) at the Gallery, located at 136 W. Water Street in downtown Pendleton.

What IS the Pendleton Artists Society, you ask?  Created in 2013, it is a non-profit composed of a group of artists who want to facilitate the growth of the arts and culture within our community.  The Society seeks to support local artists and help grow and support all manner of arts in the community.

You can help the Pendleton Arts Society grow by taking an interest in the arts and supporting this fun monthly endeavor by attending.  Consider taking a gander at their newest metals-themed arts exhibit – all created by local artists, on display at First Friday, April 4th at the Gallery. Bring a friend, a spouse, or even a grandchild – for some artsy fun!   Perhaps grab a bite to eat afterwards.

Most artwork is for sale, and it ranges from wild and wonderful to tame and “garden-worthy.”  Prices are reasonable and everything is one-of-a-kind. Welcome spring with something new for your home from artists in and around Pendleton.  Who knows, the artwork you see there may well be created from an up-and-coming Picasso right in your neighborhood!

Here’s to growing the arts in our neighborhood!  For more information, or to learn how you can be a part of this organization (open to everyone, seasoned artists or weekend brush-warriors).  Check out www.facebook.com/PendletonArtistsSociety/info.