th  Mid-spring is peak time for garage sales. And – there are a lot of them in and around Pendleton where Rose Lake Estates is located.

Whether or not you are a Rose Lake Estate homeowner, we want to keep you safe. Here are some hints for helping to make your garage sale shopping experience safer and more productive.

Here are some shopping suggestions:

  1. Shop with a partner or bring a driver. If that’s not possible, let someone know which neighborhoods you are shopping.
  2. Go to the bank ahead of time. Have plenty of singles, fives and tens available. If you have the right amount for your purchase, you will be in a better position to haggle.
  3. Have definite ideas of what you are interested in and what you don’t need more of. Decide in advance what your spending limit is.
  4. Always make eye contact and say hello when you walk onto someone else’s property.
  5. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Pack snacks and drinks to stay hydrated. When you’re hungry or thirsty, you may not think as clearly.
  6. Bring your own recycled bags and boxes.
  7. When you pay for anything, mention the bills you are handing over and the price for your items. For example, “Here is a five and three ones for these two $4 items.”
  8. Go ahead and haggle, but be sure to do it gracefully and respectfully. But — it may be presumptuous to ask if non-garage/household or personal items you may see outside of the sale are for sale.
  9. Unless it’s an emergency, it’s not a good idea to ask to use the bathroom at a garage sale. It puts you and the homeowner in an awkward safety position.
  10. Best time to get great deals? The last hour of any posted sale time.

Best advice for garage sellers and buyers? Be safe, courteous and have fun!