What can you do – or stop doing – to keep any home looking better, cleaner and more organized?

Here are some great ideas to get your home looking more pulled together from Houzz and RoseLake Estates:

  • Consider installing coat hooks by the front door and on the backs of bedroom and bathroom doors.
  • Take off your shoes as you enter your house. Dedicate an area near your main entrance to remove your shoes as soon as family members get home. Your floors will be cleaner and carpets will show less wear and tear.
  • Finish what you start. Half done projects quickly become never done ones, and that creates clutter, or even hazards. Try doing less, and allow enough time for each task, so you can finish what you start.
  • Scrub the front of your refrigerator, oven and microwave doors.
  • Remove almost everything from countertops and store out of sight in cupboards.
  • GREAT idea: Use two-sided tape to affix children’s artwork and family photos on the INSIDE of cupboards and pantry doors in the kitchen – instead of cluttering the front of the refrigerator.
  • Stop letting your pets up on your furniture. Not only can pet hair can often be the cause of allergies, but dogs track fur and debris onto furniture. Instead, consider a pet bed or try a furniture cover specifically for pet(s)-on-furniture.
  • Store cleaning products together. Grab a bucket or caddy for all your cleaning gear and keep it where it’s easily accessible. Try storing a separate cleaning caddy in the bathroom as well as the usual under-the-sink location in the kitchen.
  • Less is more. Stop collecting. Everything does not need to be kept.
  • Another GREAT idea: Whenever you bring something into the house, trade it out for something you no longer need. Give used goods that still have plenty of life to charity. Periodically go through your items and donate!
  • Go through your cupboards and purge canned and packaged items that are out of date.

Utilizing tips like these will keep your RoseLake Estates manufactured home (or any home) looking neater and more organized between cleaning – and make housework a breeze!

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