roselake winterMore than 250 residents call Rose Lake Estates home. And they make this fond message particularly clear around the holidays.

As you come around the bend into our main entrance a half block east of I-69 and just west of downtown Pendleton, you’ll see Rose Lake Estates entrance bedecked with a wreath. As you come down our center entrance at dusk, you’ll see our residents’ Christmas lights in full force… with blinking roof lights, lit Santa statues, inflatable snowmen, wreaths, garlands, icicles, and nativity scenes. Rose Lake Estates is decked out and ready for the holidays!

Holidays or not, quite a few Rose Lake Estates residents have their routines. Every morning, in hot or cold weather, resident walkers and joggers enjoy encircling our lake. It’s a great way to begin the day.

This is our second year for Rose Lake Estates’ hand-raised duck residents. Much to the delight of our human residents, this mallard duck family continues to enjoy the winter. The ducks gravitate to the pockets of slightly warmer water in Rose Lake, unhesitatingly reminding anyone who comes by that they are always receptive to birdseed, crackers, corn, bread crumbs, cereal, and uncooked oatmeal.

The approaching colder temperatures means ice will cover the lake, but that won’t phase the ducks. They survive just fine on top of the ice, taking cover under nearby bushes and huddling together for warmth when the temperatures drop below 10 degrees.

Come take a look at our homey, “Christmasy” community. Safe, quiet, and secure, and just around the corner from shopping, restaurants, good schools and beautiful parks, we have a couple of affordable homes eagerly awaiting new residents. We’d be happy to add you and your family to our growing family of human (and duck) residents, and call Rose Lake Estates your holiday home in 2015.