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One hundred seventy residents are proud to call RoseLake Estates home. And they make this sentiment particularly clear when the weather turns sunny and warm.

Many of our residents have green thumbs. Flowers and flower gardens abound! Others prefer a small garden in back chockfull of herbs or tomatoes – a consistent homeowner favorite. Still others prefer a shaded rock garden, filled with greenery and perhaps a birdbath.

RoseLake Estate homeowners enjoy feeding our wildlife, too. You’ll see birdhouses dotting lawns along with humming bird feeders, and lots of folks feeding our ducks and geese by the lake.

And if you’re out and about early, quite a few RoseLake Estates residents have daily health routines. Every morning, rain or shine, quite a number of walkers and joggers enjoy walking around our lake. It’s a great way to begin the day by taking in our fabulous lake view as the sun comes up (or sets).

Another group of residents also enjoy our lake for other reasons. It is a fully stocked lake, after all, much to the delight of homeowners with a fishing pole. Not only that, but fishing is a popular activity to share across many generations. It’s not unusual to see a father, son and grandfather all out together fishing.

Safe, quiet, and secure, and just around the corner from shopping, restaurants, good schools and beautiful parks, we have a couple of affordable, updated, easy-maintenence homes eagerly awaiting new RoseLake residents. We’d be happy to add you and your family to our growing neighborhood. Stop in!

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