Here's an example of a data plate

Here’s an example of a data plate

The first way to find out about the age of your potential manufactured home is to ask the seller. You have the right to know, and this information should be readily provided.

At RoseLake Estate Homes, we provide specifics on every home we sell, including age, manufacturer, as well as the brand and age of heating and cooling systems, and important information on appliances, components and add-ons such as decks.

Not all manufactured home managers will provide this important information. So, if you want to be sure about important statistics about any manufactured home, take a look at the manufactured home’s data plate. By law, each home must have one, and they are usually located near the main electrical panel, in a kitchen cabinet, or in the master bedroom closet.

The data plate contains:

  • Information about the home’s heating and cooling systems, and major appliances and components.
  • The wind zone and snow load for which the home was built is also contained here. Be sure your manufactured home is built to withstand the type of weather your part of the country has.
  • There is also an HUD label with a stamped serial number attached to the exterior of the home, generally, near the front door. You can always do a search on this serial number to locate any other information you need.

Got a question about buying a manufactured home? Ask us! As a family-run business, RoseLake Estate Homes are directly responsible to our homeowners. We will help you find just what you’re looking for.



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