Thinking of buying a preowned movie home? Whether you are buying from us at RoseLake Estates, or anywhere else, you want to be sure the manufactured home you purchase is in tip-top shape.

Here are some areas to inspect before you purchase:

  • Look for the manufacturer’s info sticker, usually 
located in the master bedroom closet or inside the door of a kitchen cabinet, to confirm that the home was designed to meet the wind loads and roof loads specified by HUD for this area.
  • Locate and note serial number on the HUD plate.
 You can do a search on line on number to get information about the home, the manufacturer, and when it was built and shipped to its present location.
  • Check for missing or loose exterior paneling, trim, skirting and siding panels.
  • Carefully evaluate any site-built additions. Mobile homes are designed to support only their own weight, so any additions should be freestanding and be properly flashed at areas of contact.
  • Check the frame of the mobile home. The interconnected large I-beams that support it should never be bent or heavily rusted.
  • Check the foundation piers for rot, damaged or leaning. The pier caps should not be rotted or cracked, and all leveling shims should be secure.
  • Take a good look at the vapor barrier (see photo) under floor framing for tears, deterioration or sagging.

At RoseLake Estates, each of our homes for sale have been updated and pre-inspected. We want to be sure the home you buy for your family is a home you will be comfortable, safe and enjoy living in for a long, long time!

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