We can help check off all of those boxes for you, Debra!

RoseLake Estate Homes are one of the most quiet and safe manufactured home neighborhoods you’ll find in the northeast Indy area. And our schools are great, too.

  1. We’re all about good schools in Pendleton. Here is a look the South Madison Community School corporation’s annual (2016) performance report, which includes Maple Ridge Elementary School, Pendleton Height’s Middle School, and Pendleton Heights high school stats: Impressive!
  2. One of our most important security benefits here at RoseLake Estates is actually a person. Officer Rich is a retired Pendleton police officer who lives in the very first home you see in our neighborhood. His security vehicle stays parked right out front, and he cruises our neighborhood, several times a day. We’re happy he’s lived here almost ten years now, and pleased with the extra measure of security he provides.
  3. RoseLake homeowners also actively support Crime Watch, the eyes and ears of our neighborhood. We each look out for one another’s neighbors. Of course, our security camera at the main entrance and other key points in of our neighborhood is also a safety help and crime deterrent.
  4. Affordability is another important attraction to living here. Our homes are newer than many manufactured homes around Indy’s north side. They are also priced considerably lower than those in Fishers, Lawrence, Indianapolis, Noblesville, Carmel, and McCordsville.

If, like Debra, you are looking for a quiet, safe place to call home for you and your family, consider a move to our neighborhood. Come take a look at the RoseLake Estate Homes now available and move in before the end of the year!




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