thIf you are contemplating moving into a manufactured home or have recently moved in, make sure you, all your possessions (the contents of your home), and the home itself, are protected by a good, clearly stated mobile home insurance policy.

A good insurance policy offers you peace of mine. Your home may already be protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, but in most cases, that isn’t enough. Mobile home insurance is often required by your mortgage lender, and often, the owner of the property – since you are most likely renting the space your manufactured home sits upon.

You may want to compare coverages with several companies to get the best price and the best rate. The type of coverage you select is as important as the price. There are three major categories of home protection to look for as you research mobile home insurance options. They are:

  • Coverage of water, fire and wind damage
  • Liability for personal injury
  • Theft of your belongings

Be sure your policy is clear and easy to understand, and provides the right amount of coverage for all your belongings (including theft of these belongings), the home itself, and storm damage occurring as the result of wind, hail, water or tornado. Some manufactured home neighborhoods also require liability coverage. Be sure to file a copy of your insurance with your landlord.

The managers at Rose Lake Estate want you to rest easy in any emergency. We don’t want you to take chances with your financial and personal well being!

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