RoseLake Estates is a good option for those who prefer home ownership but want to live economically. More than 18 million Americans already happily live in quality, affordable manufactured homes like those at Rose Lake Estates.

Whether you’re buying your first home or are ready to downsize in retirement, manufactured homes cost less to own and maintain than traditional housing — much less!

Why not live comfortably, for less? 18 million Americans have discovered that manufactured homes are cost effective long after they’ve move in.

Here’s what they know:

  • When less of your budget goes for mortgage or rent, more of your hard-earned money can be spent on food, entertainment, vacations or savings.
  • Property taxes are much lower in Pendleton than in Indy.
  • Property taxes tend to be lower for manufactured homes than stick built homes, too.
  • Manufactured homes are well insulated. Your heating and cooling costs will be lower.
  • Exterior maintenance costs are low.
  • Lawn and garden upkeep is much less trouble. That means more free time on weekends!

RoseLake Estates is also well run. We’ve been consistently managed by the same Indiana-based family for more than 30 years. That’s stability!

We fit the bill on all of the above – plus our community is safe, well lit and secure. Take I-69 north to exit 214 and check us out in Pendleton.





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