Farm raised turkeys are getting easier to find around Pendleton as demand for them increases. But farm-raised organic, free-range turkeys are pricier than the frozen turkeys you get on sale at your local grocery store.

How much pricier? According to RoseLake Estates research, this year, a factory farmed bird will run you about $2.79 per pound, whereas a free-range turkey goes for $3.99 per pound, and an organic, pasture-fed turkey is $5.49 per pound.

Why are they twice as expensive?

  • First, poultry that’s fed a diet high in grain and corn, like factory-farmed turkey, ingests incredibly high amounts of pesticides and genetically modified food. These grains contain very little of what turkeys are naturally meant to eat and can also contain garbage and unhealthy meat by-products.
  • Although these cheap ‘feed grains’ mean that meat and dairy prices are lower for consumers, they also result in lower nutritional content.
  • Secondly, you won’t have to worry about unhealthy additives like sodium erythorbate, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and tons of salt.
  • Another dimension of small-scale turkey production is the environment in which the birds are raised. Some birds are labeled “pastured” or “heritage.” This means that they grew up in the great outdoors, with access to sunshine and pasture. “Free range” birds are also free of confinement, but may have been kept in a barn, as opposed to the outdoors.

Bottom line, it is worthwhile to seek out meats like chicken, turkeys, hogs and cattle raised by family farmers for exceptional taste and flavor. Healthfully raised means healthier for your family and the environment. Plus, you are supporting Indiana farmers.

RoseLake Estates has researched where to source healthy, local Indiana farm-raised turkeys for your Thanksgiving table:

Check out these web sites for a farm near you:



Or, go directly to:

  • In Fortville:


  • In Zionsville:


  • In Mooresville:


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