When you are scouting new neighborhoods to move into, knowing your entire family is welcome is important. So is knowing that the neighborhood you are moving into is safe and well established.

RoseLake Estates is family-owned and family-oriented and has been for well over 35 years. We welcome you and your family — including most furry, four-footed family members – to our manufactured home neighborhood.

We’re pretty accommodating. Check with our office about RoseLake Estate pet guidelines, which include having your dog up to date on vaccinations, kept on a leash, and no excessive barking or bad behavior.

Have two cats? As long as they are kept inside, have their vaccinations up to date, and don’t roam free, we’re happy to have them.

We also know that moving into a new neighborhood can be stressful on everyone, pets included. Here are some tips:

RoseLake Estate moving tips for family pets:

  • Moving day is a high-risk time for your pet to get scared, disoriented and run away. Make sure your dog or cat is safe and secure at all times during unpacking and moving in.
  • Update your pet ID tags with your cell phone information.
  • If you use a tracking service or microchip ID, be sure the service knows where to reach you by updating your records before your move.
  • If you’re going to need to change vets, let the staff at the old vet know and provide your new address in case anyone calls the hospital because of a rabies tag on a found pet. (Rabies tags usually have the vet’s phone number on them.)
  • Let your new neighbors know you have a cat or dog when you introduce yourself and your family. This way, if your pet gets out and lost, your neighbors can help him reconnect to his new home.
  • Re-establish a routine as soon as possible.Pick a time and a place for feeding, and stick to it for all pets.

At RoseLake Estates, we welcome families and their well-behaved pets. We’re happy to show you the new, roomy and updated pre-owned manufactured homes now available for you and your family.

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