Who says manufactured homes have to look the same? Give yours some personality and charm, inside and out!

Here are some great DIY ideas from the folks at RoseLake Estates:

  • Add some exterior paint! Try a new lighter shade of blue-gray, or consider light yellow or beige to make your home appear larger.
  • Painting just the exterior trim is easy, doesn’t take a lot of paint or time, and it can go a long way to keep your home looking fresh. Try white, off white or light gray. Ask your paint counter rep for some color choices hat would go well with your exterior house color.
  • Update your front porch or deck. Add lattice trim, update the railing with stain, paint, or add metal railings.
  • Update your entry with stepping stones up to the front door.
  • Add a linear garden along that walkway and plant with perennials (they come up year after year.)
  • Fall is an ideal time to plant. Choose a hardy, low-maintenance bush to your front walkway. Be sure to mulch and water bi-weekly before the ground freezes.
  • Update your front door. Paint it a bold color that harmonizes with or stands out from your house color. Or replace the front door. Go with a large glass panel or even leaded glass inserts.
  • Start small. How about adding planters at either side of your front door? Plant mums this month. Replace with holly or a pine arrangement in November.

Whether the changes you make to your RoseLake Estates home are small or spectacular, updates keep our neighborhood looking nice, and help keep your home’s resale value higher.





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