The myth that manufactured homes don’t rise in value is inaccurate. The truth is, when properly sited and maintained, manufactured homes tend to appreciate at the same rate as traditional homes in surrounding neighborhoods.

And, with housing recovery now in full swing in the Midwest, home values across Indiana are on the rise. That’s especially true here at RoseLake Estates.


Data Comp, an independent home appraisal service, recently looked at 185 manufactured homes in Michigan. Data Comp compared the average sale price to the average resale price several years later. What they found was that more than half (97 total) of those 185 homes increased in value by an average of $2,985.

When they looked at an analysis of 88,000 actual sales, Data Comp found that the community in which the manufactured home is located had the most to do with what the manufactured home’s sale price. The availability and cost of community sites was a large factor, as it reflects the supply and demand influences on your home’s value.

When it comes to community and location of our manufactured homes, RoseLake Estates are hard to beat. Our peaceful, treed location in Pendleton is just twenty seconds from I-69, fifteen minutes from Fishers or Noblesville, and a part of one of the better school systems in Indiana. Our residents tend to stay once they move in, and our family-owned local management company takes good care of the development. It’s a good recipe for a great place to live!

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