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Do you know the difference between manufactured homes, modular homes and mobile homes? They may look very similar, but there are many differences both inside and out between the three types of homes.

Here’s the primary difference:

  • A mobile home is any fabricated home that is not built completely at the location where it will reside. Technically, mobile homes have not been manufactured since 1976, the year HUD set forth new and safer construction and installation standards. Mobile homes have steel I-beams which run along the underside of the homes, which can rest atop concrete blocks, wooden pillars, metal stands, or a permanent concrete foundation.
  • Manufactured homes are mobile homes 2.0; they are built to higher construction standards than their predecessors built prior to 1976. Like their mobile home cousins, they are built and shipped to their ultimate destination. Generally their 10-to-16 foot sections are joined at the home site and attached to power and utilities.
  • A modular home is built to the same standards as a site built home but without the time, raw products or physical energy needed to create a traditional stick-built model. Construction time and costs may be reduced by as much as 50% because modular homes are built in factories and shipped on flatbed trucks and joined on premises. Local code inspectors must meet and approve of all utility connections AND build codes inside and outside of the home.

Manufactured homes can be extraordinarily upscale

Manufactured homes can be difficult to tell apart from traditional frame site built homes once completely installed. They can be multi-stories high — or multiple units can be attached together. They can include upgrades like vaulted ceilings, hot tubs, sunken tubs, multi-level decks, skylights, huge contemporary kitchens, and even balconies.

Of course, every property is different. Like anything else, it is all about how the home and community around it has been maintained over the years.

At RoseLake Estates, our 170 homeowners enjoy being a part of one of the safest, best kept-up, woodsy, and coziest family-owned manufactured home neighborhoods in the northeast Indy area.

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