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I have a friend that lives in a traditionally built home that is always investing time and money in her home. Last spring, she had to repaint and replace cracked cedar siding. Over the winter, she had to have her crawl space professionally dried and sealed. This coming fall, she is planning to add insulation to her attic to keep her home better insulated.

That type of common home maintenance really adds up! And unfortunately, homeowners aren’t able to recoup those expenses when they sell their homes.

Which brings me to buying a manufactured home from RoseLake Estates. Not only are RoseLake homes inexpensive to purchase up front, but they are inexpensive to maintain. They are even inexpensive to heat and cool.

RoseLake Estate homes have warranted vinyl siding (no expensive repairs to replace or paint). They also have shingled roofs with 20-25 year warranties.

What is yearly maintenance on a RoseLake Estate home?

  • Some of our homeowners power wash their siding in the spring to keep it clean.
  • Come fall, most homeowners clean leaf litter from their gutters to keep them from backing up with frozen debris.
  • At least once a season, you need to change your furnace filters for maximum healthy air quality.
  • And – you should have your furnace and air conditioners inspected yearly.

That is about it.  With very little up keep, your RoseLake Estate manufactured home will last about as long as a site built home – and leave lots of upkeep money in your pocket.

Even better, you will have more weekend time to do what you want to do instead of stuff you “gotta do.”

Explore easy, economical living at RoseLake Estates. We have several attractive economical pre-owned homes now available.


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