shrubs Native Indiana plants are gaining in popularity with landscapers and gardeners. Not only are they ideally suited for Hoosier soil and the weather conditions in our area, but they also require less care, fewer pesticides, and less water to thrive. That’s good news for the environment, as well as your time and budget.

In fact, according to The Indiana Wildlife organization ( and the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society (, native plants are necessary for healthy wildlife populations and our ecosystem to succeed.  Landscaping and gardening with native plants also help prevent the spread of invasive, exotic species.

As a Rose Lakes Estates homeowner, you can help.  Gardeners have an important role in restoring Indiana’s biodiversity.  Here are some native shrubs and grasses that you can easily plant in your yard to help ensure Indiana native species thrive, and Indiana wildlife such as birds, butterflies and small animals have a place to nest, and nectar and berries to eat.  Bonus: Planting grasses and bushes near your home can also protect the skirting around your house and help insulate your home during winter and summer months.

Native shrubs: Serviceberry, Spicebush, Ninebark, Sumac, Elderberry,  Coralberries, Viburnums, Gray Dogwood.

Native grasses: Switch grass, Indiana grass, Little bluestem, Big bluestem, Northern sea oats

Whether you choose one or two native shrubs or grasses, or a larger gardening project, beautiful landscaping keeps your home looking cared for, helps the environment, and increases the value of your Rose Lake Estates property.