Sounds like you may be saddled with an older model, poorly insulated manufactured home.

The solution may be to move into a better class of manufactured homes like those available now at RoseLake Estates.

Newer model manufactured homes are designed for energy efficiency. In fact, HUD, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development has set very high quality construction standards for new manufactured home construction. There are also state codes manufactured homes must to meet, requiring materials like high performance insulation, thermal-pane windows, and energy-efficient skirting.

Compare a new site-built home to a factory built (manufactured home) model. They are sturdy and well insulated. Even better, you can purchase upgraded insulation for your manufactured home and still save money over the site-built one!

According to the Manufactured Housing Association, newer manufactured homes tend to have about 30 to 50 percent less air leakage than traditional site-built homes and older mobile home models. (manufactured home) model.

Here’s what is the vast majority of homes at RoseLake Estates offer:

  • Additional insulation added to exterior walls
  • An insulation sheath added to the roof (roof cap)
  • Energy-efficient windows and doors
  • Insulated skirting and/or high performance insulated “belly wraps” to the underbelly of the home
  • Ducts are sealed
  • Exposed water pipes are wrapped
  • Windows and doors are weather stripped

The end result?

It will cost you significantly less to heat (and cool) a manufactured home at RoseLake Estates. Less maintenance to worry about, too.

Come take a look at the newer manufactured homes now available at RoseLake Estates. Nice to look at, roomy and cost effective to live in, too!


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