Rich & famous mobile home stars


Manufactured or mobile homes don’t always get the credit they deserve. Did you know that most actors’ and actresses’ homes ‘on the movie (or television) set’ is most often a mobile home?

Mobile homes like those at Rose Lake Estates can be intimate, homey, and incredibly flexible in their designs. For all those reasons, they go where the stars and film producers need them to go. After their initial mobile home experiences, many famous movie stars continue to enjoy their ‘home away from home.’

Here are a few famous examples:

Pamela Anderson     When her home was undergoing renovation, this world-famous Baywatch star lived in a manufactured home. She has said she was  “Wowed by the experience.” Once the construction on her renovated home was complete, Anderson stated that she, “Would honestly much rather live in a trailer!”

Matthew McConaughey     For the Dallas Buyers Club, Mud & A Time to Kill actor, living out of a trailer or mobile home has been a steady way of life. Shunning the starlights and vibe of Beverly Hills, McConaughey instead chose to live in Canoe, a recreational trailer park in Malibu. For over two years, McConaughey used his mobile home as his production office and hang out, even using it to promote his new movies.

Drew Barrymore      Drew Barrymore spent more than a month in a mobile home, travelling in and around the United States for a project. It was, according to Barrymore, “The most fun, soul-fulfilling, entertaining, interesting experience” she’d ever had. Despite smashing the mobile home’s roof into the low-roof of a gas station, Barrymore remembers her mobile home experiences quite fondly.

No matter how famous (or infamous) you are, you are absolutely at home when you live at Rose Lake Estates. Have a friend that is searching for a new place to call home? Send him or her to us, and get a nice gift certificate from us, for your endorsement.