This past winter was one of the harshest in recent history.  But no need to tell any Hoosier that piece of news.  We’ve lived through it with a series of heavy snow storms and frigid weather that took it’s toll on everyone’s last nerve.

Don’t forget that the winter of 2013-14 also took it’s toll on your home and the grounds around your home. Here are some tips to give your home a little TLC, just in time for spring.


  • Check the skirting around your manufactured home for winter damage. Rising and falling temperatures and freezes and thaws wreak havoc on seams, which can separate. Big piles of shoveled snow can also push against skirting, creating dents, slits, bulges, and tears.
  • Take a peak at your gutters. If they began the winter filled with leaves, they may have overflowed with ice and snow, causing heavy icicles or ice dams to form.  Make sure gutters are clear of debris (especially fallen branches) and make needed repairs.
  • This winter brought wind gusts up to 80 mph.  There are bound to be fallen branches, limbs, piles of leaves and debris around your yard.  Picking up these items now means your new spring grass will grow-in evenly.  Saw off any uneven tree and bush branches to make way for new tree and bush growth and gently re-shape damaged landscaping.
  • Streets are not the only hard surface that was hit by potholes. You may also find cracks and pits in your driveway, cement porch or sidewalk. There are products available at hardware stores to patch damaged areas before they grow too big to handle.
  • Take a good look at your deck.  Some decks boards just need a little touch up work with a hammer and nails.  Other warped boards may need to be removed and replaced.  You can super-clean a deck with a power washer to better assess damaged areas.  A new coat of stain and/or sealer is recommended every other year to keep your deck looking it,s best.
  • First warm spring day, get out your rake. Giving your lawn a little de-thatch will help open the soil and help generate new grass growth.  Early spring is also an ideal time to fertilize and apply weed control.
  • Turn over flower beds before the weeds take over.  Late March is the best time to get flower and vegetable beds ready for later April and May plantings.  Now is a great time to apply fertilizer or add new soil as well, as you plan what you intend to plant.

If you come across a repair job you are not sure you can handle, give the Rose Lake Estates front office a call.  We often know professionals in the area that have been neighbor-recommended.  We’d be happy to pass the information to you.

Here’s to Spring at Rose Lake Estates!! It can’t come fast enough!