As you come around the bend into our main entrance just east of I-69, you’ll see Rose Lake, the peaceful centerpiece of our quiet mobile home neighborhood near Pendleton. By the middle of January, Rose Lake will be completely frozen over, but it will remain every bit as beautiful as it is in mid-summer.

comm pic geese 7 13At least nine months out of the year, you’ll often see our residents with fishing poles. Our catch-and-release lake is fully stocked with good-sized fish. Residents have pulled out many types, from bluegill to small mouth bass and catfish. And, since it’s been stocked since 1989, sometimes the fish grow to a considerable size.

Neither the fish nor the approaching ice cover seems to phase our growing family of ducks (hand raised by Rose Lake management). Not only don’t they seem to mind the cold, but they waddle toward our neighbors who feed them, no matter the temperature. Since they were hand raised, they are very friendly. Several of our residents report they will gobble up corn, cereal, bread or birdseed.

Here and there, our homeowners report other wildlife, too, including lots of nesting and song birds. Since many of our homeowners are avid bird feeders, robins, finches, sparrows, nuthatches, red winged blackbirds, and here and there, a woodpecker or two, also call Rose Lake Estates home. Squirrels, chipmunks, and here and there, a raccoon or a fox will occasionally pay a visit, too. Our many mature oak and maple trees make natural habitats for these fuzzy and feathered residents.

If you are looking for a quiet, safe place to live, around the corner from shopping and business, and a quick trip into Indianapolis, Anderson, Pendleton, Noblesville or Fishers, consider joining our residents and wildlife, and enjoy nature and the peace of mind that comes with owning a home at Rose Lake Estates.