Ceramic tile in the kitchen

Most manufactured home communities are big business. Owned by large out-of-state corporations that specialize in managing multiple properties, their primary purpose is to make money for their stockholders. 

Not Rose Lake Estates. We are family-built, family owned and managed, and have been  since 1976.  As such, we take a personal interest in our community. We’re proud of it. We want it filled with responsible, happy homeowners.

As a Rose Lake Estates homeowner, you will never be known to us as “Lot #125.” In a community of just 165 families, we know our homeowners’ street addresses, the color of your home, who your neighbors are, whether or not you have a pet, and we might even recognize your car. And, our homes are truly affordable.

That comes in handy when you have a concern. We will make sure your concern is addressed like a good neighbor would answer you. With a smile, a helpful attitude, and we always get back to you promptly when you leave us a message.

Stop in and say hello. And turn a friend onto the two or three open homes we now have for sale. We’re always on the lookout for new friendly residents. (And if they move in here, there’s even a bonus for you!)

Over the years, we’ve found that Rose Lake Estates’ many happy homeowners are some of our best sales representatives!  A large part of our sales come from referrals.  Start living a ‘Carefree Life’ Today!