Rose Lake Estates is not like most manufactured home communities. To begin with, we are a nice-sized affordable community of 175 homes. And we are a safe community in a safe neighborhood on the outskirts of Pendleton. Our kids go to an excellent Pendleton school system.

But perhaps even more importantly, Carefree Homes, Inc. (the owner/developer of Rose Lake Estates) has been family owned for over three generations.

Why would our family ownership matter to you? As a Rose Lake Estates homeowner, you won’t be just a monthly check to us. And, despite what they may say, large, often out-of-state corporations that manage multiple properties aren’t in the business for the wellbeing of their homeowners. They care about the bottom line, which is making money for their shareholders.

At Rose Lake Estates, we know you by name. We will work to make sure your issues are addressed because we know you and your family. As you can imagine, we are proud of our community and take a personal interest in it. We want it filled with responsible, happy homeowners.

If that’s the kind of neighborhood you want to live in, then we want you here.