Ceramic tile in the kitchen

Did you know you can live far more economically owning a manufactured home than you can in most traditional housing?

It’s true. Manufactured housing is a good option for those who want to own a home and are budget-conscious. They cost less to build and maintain than traditional housing. That’s one reason why today, some 17 million Americans live in manufactured homes like those at Rose Lake Estates.

According to HowStuffWorks.com, manufactured homes are gaining respect. The growing numbers of homeowners buying manufactured homes underline this point. In 2009, for example, 43 percent of all new homes that sold for less than $150,000 were manufactured homes.

Manufactured homes are cost effective long after purchasing, too. Since 1976, according to Manufactured Homes Source, U.S. factories (most manufactured homes are made in the USA) have built manufactured homes to dramatically higher standard building codes. They are better built, better insulated, and stand up better, longer, in all types of weather.

Better still, many manufactured homes look just like traditional site-built houses. They often come complete with white picket fences and garages or attached carports.

RoseLake Estates offers manufactured homes in a variety of styles, layouts and price points. There’s one to fit everyone’s taste and pocketbook. As an Indiana-based, family-run home property for 30 years, Rose Lake Estates is a great (economical) place to call home.