cairnterrier Looking for a great place to live with your pet? Whether you have a cat or dog (or both), at Rose Lake Estates, we consider pets to be a part of your family and therefore, a part of our community.

Like all community members, we want your pet to be a respectful member of our community, so we do have a few rules in place to keep our community safe, clean, quiet, and neighbor-friendly. But that’s not to discourage pet ownership! Rather, it’s to keep our neighborhood just the way it’s always been – friendly and family-oriented.

We ask that dogs:

  • Be friendly and neutered with up-to-date vaccines.
  • Are kept inside except when they are walked with a hand-held leash.
  • Respect yard boundaries (electric fences are okay here. Ask about them at the front office.)
  • Pet waste is picked up regularly from your yard and during walks.
  • We prefer dogs be under 35 pounds, but make some exceptions, especially for senior dogs.
  • Our no barking policy is for the benefit of all. We like how quiet, friendly and peaceful our neighborhood is.

Cats are expect to be:

  • Indoor pets (we love our duck and wild bird population and want to keep all wildlife safe)
  • Neutered and up-to-date on vaccines.

At Rose Lake Estates, most family pets are welcome. Have a question? Give us a call and tell us about your pet. We want to keep families and their pets happy, healthy and together – for life.