You can tell a lot about a manufactured home community when you drive through it. Well maintained homes and properties generally mean good community management.

You want your community or property manager to care that homes look nice, are not overgrown with weeds and brush, and well cared for.

RoseLake Estates has been the sole manager of RoseLake Estates (formerly Carefree Estates) for more than 30 years. We are not part of a huge conglomerate of manufactured homes across the country. It’s just us, owned by us and run by us, just as it has always been.

So we really do care about how RoseLake Estates reflects on our family. We keep the property up because we’re proud of our reputation in the Pendleton community.

  • Our streets and sidewalks are well-maintained.
  • Lighting is good.
  • Trash pickup is on time.
  • Snow clearance is dependable.

Because we care about how the property looks, we want caring, neat and clean homeowners who keep grass mowed, trees trimmed, trash emptied, snow cleared, and the house itself in good repair.

And, because we don’t have any stock holders to please, we can keep our home prices reasonable, and our resale values consistent.

As an Indiana-based, family-run home property for 30 years, RoseLake Estates is a good investment, and a quality community to come home to.

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