lot234ext1“When you live in a traditional Indiana neighborhood, you only know a handful of neighbors,” says Kathy, a six-year resident of RoseLake Estates. “But here at RoseLake, the opposite is true.”

“I must know half the 175 families here well enough to ask how they’re doing,” Kathy continued. “The other half, we wave hello and smile as we pass each other on walks or in the car. You just don’t see that kind of friendliness and caring at other places.”

According to a recent (April 3, 2017) TIME magazine article about the increasing popularity of manufactured homes, Kathy’s absolutely right. “It’s not necessarily just the house that holds up the value,” says Brian Heidman, who retired from a career in real estate to move into a manufactured home community. “It’s the community.”

TIME magazine goes on to say that manufactured home communities “can be thought of as gated communities for people who aren’t so wealthy. They immediately go from being nominal clusters of (homes) to being communities of owners deeply invested in where they live.”

This sentiment is confirmed by longtime manager Adriane DeRose. “Neighbors absolutely look out for neighbors here,” she says. “I frequently hear about someone checking on a neighbor they haven’t seen outside in awhile. It really makes me smile.”

RoseLake Estates. An affordable, quiet manufactured home community of 175 homes tucked into deeply wooded acres and a lake, just west of downtown Pendleton.

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