Fall is beautiful around Rose Lake Estates! We are in awe of the colorful mature trees and bushes surrounding our well-established neighborhood. The fall leaf display never fails to disappoint. Even the sunsets over Rose Lake mirror back that fall beauty to those getting in a little exercise first thing in the morning or after work as they walk  around our lake.

Rose Lake Estate homeowners enjoy being one of the safest and quietest mobile home neighborhoods in the northeast Indy area. It’s great to live in an affordable home in a safe neighborhood where you can walk safely and enjoy the beauty surrounding you. Our streets, yards and walkways are well kept, and always have been. You get that when a property has been family owned for more than 30 years.

We care about our neighborhood and so do our residents. As a Crime Watch neighborhood, we know our residents look out for one another.

Another reason our neighborhood is safe and secure is that a security officer with the town of Pendleton has been a resident here for the past 8 years. Officer Rich regularly cruises our neighborhood, helping to keep it safe on a daily basis.

Rose Lake Estates truly is a quiet, safe place to call home.