Did you know that manufactured homes are among the safest housing choices available today?

It’s true, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Manufactured home construction is strictly controlled by federal HUD laws, which requires all new manufactured homes to have smoke detectors, escape windows, and limited combustible materials around furnaces, water heaters and kitchen ranges. When construction is complete, homes are inspected by a professionally certified third-party inspector. It’s a very safe, efficient and careful process.

This is particularly important to know in the Midwest, where spring wind and rain storms can come up quickly. With that in mind, all new manufactured homes have been engineered for wind safety and energy safety, based on the geographic region and state in which they are sold.

So if and when a heavy storm blows through the Pendleton area, you can feel confident that you and your family will be safe from high winds and storm debris damage.

For your safety, RoseLake Estate management has a tornado siren on the property. We advise residents to take all precautions recommended by the county, Indiana Weather Bureau and NOAA (National Weather Service) in the case of a tornado warning, including evacuating when necessary.

At RoseLake Estates, your family’s safety and security is our number one priority.

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