pinching penniesThere are a whole lot of things we might consider doing with your tax refund check when you know it’s headed your way. But one of the smartest, time-tested ways to use this money is as a down payment on a new place to live.

Talk about an investment in your future!

Here are just a few of the benefits when you use your tax refund towards your next home at Rose Lake Estates:

  • You’re using last year’s income towards this year’s purchase. Smart move!
  • If you buy an item with your rebate, you’ll pay Indiana state tax. But when you use it as a down payment on a mortgage, that money is tax-free.
  • Already have money saved towards a down payment? Add to it. The more money you put down, the lower your mortgage and the less interest you’ll pay over the life of your loan. That adds up, big time.
  • Mortgage rates are still low – but they are expected to begin to rise this year. Lock in lower rates by buying now.
  • Why buy at Rose Lake Estates? We have several single family-sized mobile homes available, each clean, with many upgrades and amenities.
  • You’re buying into a safe, established neighborhood.
  • Family owned and operated since day one, Rose Lake Management keeps our community looking and feeling well cared for.

To see which homes are available now, check out our web site.

Have a friend you’d like to have as a neighbor? When you recommend us to your friend, make sure your friend tells this to Rose Lake Management. We like to thank our residents for their recommendations with a small gift.