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Are manufactured homes warm and comfortable in the winter months?

Actually, yes! Studies by the Manufactured Housing Association and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have shown that because of the way manufactured homes are constructed, they tend to have about 30 to 50 percent less air leakage than traditional or “stick-built” homes.

Part of the reason modern manufactured homes often leak less heat than conventional homes is because they’re built to a stricter national code.

HUD has set intense national safety and construction standards for manufactured home construction. These standards are enforced by inspections conducted in manufactured home production facilities by third party inspectors. Additionally, there are state codes manufactured homes are required to meet, like high performance insulation, thermal-pane windows, and energy-efficient skirting.

So in addition to quality construction, manufactured home have another important winter-plus: Reduced overall energy costs for homeowners. It costs significantly less to heat (and cool) a manufactured home like those at RoseLake Estates than a stick-built home of similar size. Less maintenance, too.

So snuggle up in your RoseLake Estates manufactured home this winter. You’ll be warmer and your home snugger than “a bug in a rug.”


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