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Ready to tackle a do-it-yourself project? More and more manufactured homeowners are remodeling or updating their homes. The good news is, with a little paint, time, talent, planning, and supplies, you can do much of the work yourself.

Plus, the good resale prices of manufactured homes and high quality manufactured home building standards make updating a great investment.

What to tackle first? Even smaller projects can make a big difference. Consider cosmetic updates to the exterior or inside. Typically, kitchen and bathrooms are the two areas that typically give you the most bang-for-your-buck upon resale.

Here are some projects our RoseLake Estate homeowners have had success with:

  • Repaint exterior trim and shutters. It’s a relatively easy way to give your home a crisp fresh look.
  • Revive or replace an aging front or back porch. If the wood is in good condition, power wash it to remove old paint or stain. Sand it, prime it, then repaint or refinish. Instant update!
  • Update kitchen cabinets. Remove old hardware and replace it with updated pewter, stainless or rubbed brass.
  • Sand the cabinets and repaint them. Antique rubbed white, light gray and all white cabinets will definitely brighten your kitchen.
  • Replace old worn faucets and lighting fixtures. This works in the kitchen or the bathroom.
  • Replace carpeting with hardwood flooring. Today’s non-wood options look just like the real thing at half the price.
  • Replace the kitchen island and countertop. There are many granite-like countertop materials available that can completely change the feel of your kitchen — or bathroom. Many can be ordered at places like Lowe’s or Menards.
  • Install a new kitchen sink or bathroom sink and cabinet.

RoseLake Estate management is proud of our resourceful, caring homeowners. We just want you to work safe – and ask for help if you need it.

Have a great time with your remodeling project and enjoy the ooohs and ahhhs you’ll get when you’re finished!

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