Although this past winter was fairly mild, anytime there are freezing and thawing temperatures in rapid succession, damage is done to any hard porous surface – and you have lots of those around your house.

Here are some tips to give your RoseLake Estates home a little spring TLC, ahead of warmer temperatures:

  • Wind gusts take their toll on trees. Picking up branches, limbs, piles of leaves and debris around your yard will encourage even spring grass growth.
  • Saw off any uneven tree and bush branches to make way for new tree and bush growth and gently re-shape damaged landscaping.
  • Wind, snow and ice damages gutters. If your gutters are filled with leaves and tree debris, they won’t be able to clear properly during the heavy rains of early spring, and that can cause water damage to your roof, eves and interior walls.
  • Do you have a wooden deck or porch? Make sure railings are  secure and any loose nails are reset. Consider renting a power washer to strip it and add a new coat of stain and/or sealer to keep your deck sturdy and looking its best.
  • Check your home’s skirting. Rising and falling temperatures wreak havoc on seams, which can separate. Big piles of shoveled snow can also push against skirting, creating dents, slits, bulges, and tears.
  • Early spring is an ideal time to fertilize and apply weed control to your lawn.
  • Check your driveway, cement porch and sidewalk for cracks and pits. There are products available at home centers and hardware stores to patch damaged areas before they grow to big to handle.

Thank you for helping us keep RoseLake Estates safe, beautiful, and pedestrian-friendly!

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