million-dollar-mobile-home-living-roomThink all mobile homes are alike? A mobile home in Malibu, California may change your mind about that.

There is news that a mobile home there broke the record for the most expensive mobile home ever sold. The selling price? An unbelievable two million dollars!

That’s right. A 1000 square foot mobile home sold for $2,000,000 in a Malibu California mobile home community called Paradise Cove. That’s $2000 per square foot — and it is gorgeous – exquisitely remodeled by a well known designer, Sandy Bell (who also lives in another mobile home in the same community.)

Not just any mobile home community, Paradise Cove is home to movie stars, millionaires, and …the world’s most expensive manufactured homes. Naturally, because this is California, location is everything and real estate is at a premium. The community sits atop a lovely mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The homes are placed on leased lots just like any other mobile home park. Except here, your neighbors may well be featured in movies, on TV shows, or be famous authors or entrepreneurs living here to escape winters elsewhere.

So re-think your outdated ideas about mobile homes. Not only can they be, like Rose Lake Estates, a smart starter home, a great place to raise a family, and a financially savvy place to retire, they can also be gorgeous and beautiful!