Over the course of almost 200 years since its founding in 1820, Pendleton has established itself as one of Central Indiana’s most attractive places to live. And RoseLake Estates is proud to be a part of it.

Not only is Pendleton pedestrian-friendly town, it has assets typically associated with larger cities; things like an expansive park system, a public golf course, and a top-tier library.  There’s also a diverse range of housing opportunities in Pendleton, including RoseLake Estates at the west end of town, owned and managed by the same family for over 30 years.

Pendleton takes care of its citizens too, from a thriving police and elite fire fighting team, to a nationally recognized parks department. You can tell, in this community, the citizens’ wellbeing takes top priority.

Ask any of our young families living at RoseLake Estates about our school system, and you’ll hear rave reviews. It’s undoubtedly one of our town’s best features. The South Madison Community School Corporation district covers roughly 112 square miles of farmland, small town settings, and suburban development.

The school system operates three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school – each with outstanding facilities, teachers, and programs. The school corporation is widely recognized as an educational innovator in the state of Indiana, so much so that it was identified as a model site for curriculum development in the late 1980’s.

All things considered, the livability and community of Pendleton, Indiana extends well beyond RoseLake Estates, and into its tree-lined streets, great schools and picturesque parks. Come visit us and see why we’re proud to be a part of Pendleton.

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