imagesAt RoseLake Estates, we want to keep our thriving Pendleton town as green and clean as possible.

Please consider cutting down on the amount of trash your family generates AND do some good in our community by helping neighboring nonprofit organizations and businesses:

  • Bring a bag on your next walk and pick up one piece of trash on your way home. Not only will you be keeping your neighborhood clean, but if you recycle that plastic bottle or aluminum can, you will be doing even more.
  • Walking a dog? Pick up your dog’s waste using a compostable bag. Regular plastic doesn’t allow the waste material to decompose.
  • Pay recurring household bills online through your bank and request “paperless billing.”
  • Opt out of junk mail. Call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688) or visit
  • Say no to plastic (and paper) bags. They take forever to disintegrate in landfills. Bring reusable bags with you when you shop for groceries, at drug stores, big box stores, and for clothing.
  • Choose less packaging in whatever you buy.
  • Recycle those Amazon delivery boxes at
  • Buy in bulk whenever you can. It really makes a difference.

You can recycle lots more than cans, glass, paper and plastics, for instance:

  • Pendleton Lions Club will take your outdated prescription eyeglasses to those in need
  • will take adult and children’s shoes and make sure they go to families in need
  • Old bicycles get a new life at
  • Old towels, blankets and sheets can be donated to The Hamilton County Humane Society for dogs and cats in need.
  • Business clothing (and purses, briefcases, jewelry and business shoes) you no longer wear helps homeless men and women with appropriate business wear for their first job at
  • Goodwill will take clean usable furniture, appliances in working condition and household electronics. Bonus: Get a tax deduction.
  • Electronics that no longer work can be donated to End of Life Electronics
  • You can even recycle that old car that no longer runs. Many churches and nonprofits will come and get it, and give you a tax deduction. Ask!

Thank you in advance for the choices you and your family make every day to keep RoseLake Estates and Pendleton as earth-friendly and clean as possible!




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