April is tax preparation season. And there’s no better feeling to have completed your taxes — and – to find out you are due a refund.

If that’s you, consider using your tax refund as a down payment at RoseLake Estates. It’s a smart move and a great investment in your future stability.

Here’s why using your tax rebate on a home makes such good economical sense: 

  • If you use your rebate towards a down payment on a mortgage, that money is tax-free! That’s right, absolutely no Indiana state sales tax is due.
  • If you are presently renting, your rental money doesn’t earn you a dime – and actually costs you on your taxes. When you buy a home, your mortgage interest costs are tax deductible. Just think how great will paying taxes next year be?!
  • If you use your rebate to make a down payment on a home, you’re actually using last year’s income towards this year’s purchase. Now that’s smart!
  • Mortgage rates are still at all time lows – but they are expected to rise later this year. Lock in lower mortgage rates this month.
  • What are you paying now on rent? Chances are good you can use a very similar payment toward owning your own home.

Buying at RoseLake Estates means you and your family will have peace of mind knowing you are a part of a safe, established neighborhood. And right now, we have several remodeled and updated manufactured homes for sale at exceptional prices – just waiting for the right owner.


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